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Unspoiled Fox Island, the Heart of Resurrection Bay

Kenai Fjords Tours is pleased to welcome you to picturesque Fox Island, in the heart of Resurrection Bay. Your exploration of Kenai Fjords National Park is enhanced by a chance to step off the boat, stroll the beach and explore on land. This island is rich in inspiration and character. 

Once you arrive at Fox Island, head in to our cozy Day Lodge for a sumptuous Prime Rib and Salmon buffet, which is included in your tour (add a half-pound of King crab for an additional fee). 

While you dine, a Kenai Fjords National Park ranger will share some of the remarkable stories about this incredible place.

You’ll learn about geology, glaciology, wildlife in Resurrection Bay and the human history of the area—including the winter renowned artist Rockwell Kent spent right here. 

After your meal, stretch your legs on a walk along the flat-rock beach of Halibut Cove. Look for heart-shaped rocks and give stone-skipping a try—these rocks are perfect for it!  Or sit on some driftwood and enjoy the deep silence and peace of this place. 

As the captain calls you back on board, you’ll gaze from the deck fondly at the pristine shores of Fox Island, forever cherishing your memory of your time spent in a small corner of truly unique Alaska.  

Featured experience: Dining on Fox Island outdoor seating

Authentic Alaska Dining on Fox Island

Inside the day lodge, our culinary team serves up a meal fit for adventurers. Fox Island lunch and dinners are served buffet-style, featuring Alaska Prime Rib and salmon, served with salads, vegetables, mashed potatoes and warm rolls. For dessert, cookies come straight out of the oven! 

Visitors dine family-style, either indoors under the wooden beams with views of the beach or outside overlooking the lagoon and temperate rainforest. 

Complimentary drinks include lemonade, water, hot tea, coffee. Beer and wine available for purchase. All Fox Island meals may be upgraded to include ½ lb of King Crab for $16 at check in and/or pre-booked or $18 on the boat and at Fox Island. 

While you're here

Explore Kenai Fjords History with a National Park Ranger

During your meal, a Kenai Fjords National Park ranger will present an engaging presentation that tells the story of this remarkable place. Using maps, archival images, hardcover books and more, you’ll delve deep into the many-faceted human and natural history of Fox Island, Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park.

Sea Kayaking on Resurrection Bay

If you’re drawn to the idea of paddling the waters of Resurrection Bay, we hear you! Join us for a sea kayaking adventure based out of Fox Island. Kenai Fjords Tours partners with Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking to offer either a morning kayak with lunch or an afternoon kayak with dinner on Fox Island. Kayaking is also available to guests at our Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge. learn more


100 Years of Artistic Inspiration

Renowned American artist Rockwell Kent spent the winter of 1918-1919 right here on Fox Island. He was looking for inspiration and a chance to reignite his creative spark. Learn more about him in the short film “Quiet Adventure”.

Discover more of Fox Island history

Why not stay the night?
Leaving the spectacular Fox Island can be hard

Why not stay the night?

The Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge offers comfort & great service on this remote island, with ample opportunities to explore the island by land and sea.

Explore and kayak Fox Island at your own pace during your stay. Just make sure you're back in time for delicious gourmet meals prepared by the island chef at the Wilderness Lodge!


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