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We've been exploring Kenai Fjords for decades, and have a tour for everyone.

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Select the time, the length and the route that most stokes your sense of adventure. Our tours take you further into the fjords, and can include an exclusive dining experience on remote Fox Island.

*Vegetarian and gluten-free items are available upon request. Meal options may vary and are subject to change without notice.

Tips & Tricks

Arrive Early

Arrive early for day trips to take advantage of our free parking and shuttle service.

Camera Charged and Ready

Make sure you have a fresh memory card and your batteries are charged - you'll be taking tons of photos.

Dress in Layers

Dress in layers and bring a water-repellent jacket. Coastal weather changes quickly.

When to Book

Tours fill up very quickly, so we recommend you book well in advance to secure your preferred tour.

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