Discover Alaska by Rail

Riding the scenic Alaska Railroad is a relaxing and memorable experience where you can sit back and relax in the comfort of one of the train’s glass-domed cars or from an outdoor viewing platform to enjoy the stunning landscapes. In many cases, the train travels away from the highways, offering views only seen from the rails. These itineraries feature the Alaska Railroad and some of our favorite ways to discover Alaska.

Why Choose Pursuit?

Experience close up views of accient landscapes  
Cross the Artic Circle and watch for the Aurora Borealis 
Travel through the wilderness on the Alaska Railroad

To accommodate travelers inconvenienced by park road closures, we are offering two exciting new Denali experiences. Call 1.800.808.8068. to learn more about our exclusive helicopter access to the remote Denali Backcountry Lodge and our brand-new route on Denali Backcountry Adventure.

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