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Our Crew

Since 1974, we have been exploring and discovering the magic of Kenai Fjords. Join our passionate and experienced captains and crew for a truly-authentic Kenai Fjords adventure. Kenai Fjords Tours believes that people make all the difference in shaping our guests’ experiences. Our captains and crew are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Each cruise is fully narrated by our captains who have been navigating the waters of Kenai Fjords National Park an average of 6 years. No other tour company is more knowledgeable about Kenai Fjords National Park, and no other company can offer the caliber of people we are proud to call our captains and crew.

The Captains

Each of our captains has an average of 6 years of experience navigating the waters of Kenai Fjords National Park, and each has a passion for all things maritime. Our captains infuse each outing with a lively narrative, educating guests about local wildlife and geography from a uniquely personal perspective.

Captain Mark Lindstrom

Drawn to the outdoors, Mark moved to Alaska from Tillamook, Oregon in the late 1980s and began honing his interpretive skills as a bus driver in Denali National Park. He then relocated to Seward in 1993, where he began pursuing his captain’s credentials. Mark believes the most valuable asset he brings to his job is his deep-seated love of nature. He has hiked around Mt. Denali, ran and officiated the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, and has navigated the maritime Inside Passage between Seward and Seattle many times. With more than 25 years of experience working in and exploring national parks, 18 of those spent in Seward, he is eager to share with our guests his knowledge of and adventures in Kenai Fjords National Park.

Captain Steve Martin

Steve has been working at sea for thirty five years. He began his career as a commercial fisherman off the coast of Maine. Eventually this led to fishing trawlers in Alaskan waters. After over a decade and a half he switched from fishing vessels and began working for the defense mapping agency working in conjunction with the US Navy in the Middle East. Upon returning to the US he worked on oil tankers, tug boats and barges but always had in his heart to return to Alaska. This came to pass in 2008 when he began showing the beauty of Alaska to those who would be moved by this Great Land. Captain Steve finally found journeys end in Resurrection Bay with Kenai Fjords Tours where he enjoys showing and talking about the wonders and beauty KFT has to offer.

Captain Sherry Cruse

Hailing from Palmer and of Athabascan descent, Sherry began work at Kenai Fjords Tours in 1996 and now operates one of our 95-foot Explorer vessels. In the off-season, she’s been known to travel to Antarctica to work as a Communications Operator at the South Pole Station, helping to coordinate arrivals of cargo, passengers and fuel. When she’s not helping educate guests about whales in the North Pacific, she’s learning about those Down Under. Sherry has worked on every vessel in the Kenai Fjords Tours fleet, and is also a certified bulldozer operator.

Captain Tim Pichotta

Tim is a fourth generation from Seward. His great grandparents arrived in Seward from Norway within a few years of the town being founded. Tim started his maritime career with Kenai Fjords Tours as a deckhand in the summer of 1996. After receiving his captains license he pursued some other maritime endeavors such as running a jet boat on the Talkeetna River, tug boats, and both commercial and charter fishing. Having seen most all of the coastline of Alaska he can easily say that this is one of the most beautiful and dynamic coastlines in the state. Tim enjoys taking people out from his home port and showing them the beauty of the Kenai Fjords National Park.    

Captain Michael Boyce

Michael Boyce has spent his adult life nurturing his twin passions: traveling and the outdoors. He has worked in such far-flung places as the South Pole, Greenland, the South Pacific, Denali National Park, and Mallorca, often on the deck of sailboats. He never forgot his first experience as a passenger on a Kenai Fjords Tours vessel in 1992, and 24 years later, after amassing the experience and licenses necessary to qualify, was thrilled to accept a position with the company.

Captain Chad Brown

Born and raised in Alaska and of ancient indigenous decent, Chad has lived and worked in some of the most beautiful areas of Alaska. His love of the outdoors has brought him to every corner of Alaska. He has always called this great state home, from the Seward Peninsula to the Alaskan panhandle finally settling in Seward. For over 25 years Chad has been sharing Alaska with travelers, from the pristine waters of Bristol Bay to the rugged Alaska coastline. Chad is a USCG licensed Captain and has been with Kenai Fjords Tours since 1997. He has a passion for sharing his home state and showcasing its natural wonders.

Captain Steve Littlefield

Captain Littlefield grew up on a farm in rural Maine. The farm, having approximately 300 acres, was an outdoor playground of epic proportions. Hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, camping, canoeing and horseback riding were all part of daily life. He began his maritime career in 1978 as a deckhand in the Gulf of Mexico and received his first 100 ton license in 1981. He advanced during the next 40 years to 500 ton, 1,600 ton and Oceans Master. His experience has accumulated under all conditions and while running a variety of vessels from crew boats, utility boats, supply boats, AHTS, tugs, sightseeing boats, ferry boats and even water taxies from the East coast, Gulf coast, Caribbean, and South America. It was during a season of working in the inside passage of Alaska that he was stricken by the majesty of the scenery and the abundance of wildlife that surrounded him and knew that he would need to return to this beautiful State someday to live and work.

Captain Greg Tamm

Greg’s love of the ocean and all of its inhabitants began on the coast of California, when as a young boy, his dad bought a boat. Every weekend was spent fishing and exploring Catalina and the Channel Islands off the California coast. Greg pursued a degree in Marine Science, and upon completion, moved to Kauai to work as a captain on the NaPali Coast Boats. Accruing 17 years of experience there, Greg then spent a year working as a captain in Costa Rica along the Guanacaste coast Leatherback Turtle breeding grounds. Greg started coming to Alaska in the summer of 2007, spending much time fishing up and down the coastlines in South East Alaska. Greg spent 3 months in 2009 in Prince William Sound, as a captain to facilitate an Exxon funded trip delivering scientists to the areas affected by the Valdez oil spill. Greg has spent the last three years guiding groups in Kenai Fjords National Park. He has extensively explored the Park, and it has become one of his favorite places on the planet.


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