Good Morning, Resurrection Bay: 9 Reasons We Love Seward

High mountains above, crystal waters in front, cozy cafés and a bustling harbor—there's so much to love about this incredible place. Seward's a town with less than 3,000 residents, but each summer thousands of visitors come to visit. They're drawn by nature and enchanted by the friendly, authentic local vibe, Seward is impossible to forget.

There's so much that's amazing about Seward. Here are a few of our favorite things:

  1. Wildlife: Of course. Humpbacks, Orcas, gray whales, harbor seals, sea lions, puffins—and that's just on the coast! There are bears in the mountains above. And that bald eagle that reigns court over the harbor. Kenai Fjords National Park is home to some of Alaska's finest wildlife watching. If you love wildlife (like we do) you've got to make time for a stop at the renowned Alaska SeaLife Center as well. It's right downtown.
  2. Hiking: From the lush rainforests to shimmering high alpine lakes, there are some world-class trails to tackle in Seward. Of course, the legendary Mt. Marathon Trail draws the world's finest trailrunners each year, and the famous Exit Glacier trail is a unique chance to truly discover a glacier. Lost Lake and Tonsina Point are two other classics. Even a stroll along the waterfront to gather shells can qualify as a hike here.

Exit Glacier Hike

  1. Resurrection River: Starting up high in the Kenai Mountains and draining into Resurrection Bay just north of Seward, this is one impressive river. Take in its breadth and beauty from the deck at the Resurrection Roadhouse—this is where the wide, braided gravel river bed stretches across to the slopes of Mt. Marathon. Watch the clouds rolls in and out while you enjoy a microbrew from Goliath Bar & Grill. A few moments contemplating this serene place can make you a better person.
  2. Lowell Point: Alaska is full of quirky towns. Lowell Point, at the end of the road just south of Seward, is a particularly cool little neighborhood of rugged and hobbit-like homes tucked beneath massive trees. Each home is a unique expression of individuality and connection with the natural world. Lowell Point is also the perfect starting point for a hike or paddle. It makes for really nice beach combing as well.

Lowell Point

  1. Seafood Bonanza: Seward has a thriving commercial fishing industry. It's no surprise it has some tasty and incredibly fresh grub, too. Ray's Waterfront (1316 4th Ave) has great seafood, including King Crab, overlooking the harbor. The Cookery (209 5th Ave), a humble spot specializing in amazingly-fresh oysters, has plenty of vegetarian options. And the Resurrection Roadhouse (at the Seward Windsong Lodge) has a killer Creole Bouillabaisse featuring Alaska halibut, salmon, cod, scallops and King Crab.
  2. Coffee: From espresso shacks to full-serve cafés, there are a lot of cool spots to drink coffee in Seward. Some of our favorites include Resurrect Art Coffee House (located inside a refurbished church), Sea Bean Café and Nature's Nectars, which is right across the street from us at Kenai Fjords Tours.

Resurrect Art Coffee House

  1. The people: Maybe it's all the rain that forges such strong bonds—Seward is full of passionate people united by a love for this place. People here genuinely care about where they live and work and the incredible environment it's part of. From marine science non-profits and athletic clubs to arts and culture, the community is vibrant and committed.
  2. The road to Seward: From Anchorage, the drive to Seward is very scenic, to say the least. Just getting here is a stunning journey. That lends an extra sense of exclusivity and accomplishment to every visitor. Here are our tips on the best way to get to Seward.

Location of Seward on a map

  1. The Harbor: From the fishermen weighing their haul to that otter who swims among the boats (is it just one otter?), it's always fun to hang out in the harbor at Seward. This is one of the most lucrative fishing harbors in the United States! And it welcomes giant cruise ships and tiny skippers alike. Come say hi to the team at Kenai Fjords Tours next time you're there.

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