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The Nest Wellness Center

The Nest Wellness Center is nestled within the depths of Alaska's diverse wilderness in the idyllic heart of Denali National Park and Preserve. Guests are invited to unwind in the stunning woodlands and find tranquility at this newly-opened center.

Located at the Denali Backcountry Lodge, our onsite therapists are available to help you relax, blending the art of massage and with a celebration of the human spirit. Their expertise in holistic programs allows you to channel your inner peace in a way that will leave you feeling revived and rejuvenated.

A massage therapist stands by a massage table in a spa room at the Nest Spa

Service Menu

BACKCOUNTRY SIGNATURE | 60 min. $130 | 75 min. $155 | 90 min. $180
The most popular massage requested at The Nest Spa & Wellness integrates Swedish techniques and healing essential oils to melt away stress and tension, for ultimate relaxation. Using light to medium pressure and flowing movements to induce a full body decompression and rejuvenation.

DENALI DEEP TISSUE | 60 min. $140 | 75 min. $165 | 90 min. $190
Intensive therapy targets specific areas of muscle tension, releasing tightness and reducing pain through the use of firm, direct pressure to separate, lengthen and restore muscle fibers. Targets “knots” or tight areas of muscle that may be causing pain in other areas of the body. Brief soreness is not uncommon after this treatment, but the benefits are lasting, taking you to blissful heights.

EUREKA HOT STONE | 75 min. $170 | 90 min. $195
Come in and immerse your body and senses with the ultimate of relaxation massages. Warm smooth, Basalt river stones combined with therapeutic massage techniques unravel tension in the body. The comforting heat of the stones are known for deep relief of muscle fatigue, aches and strain. Get the benefits of a deep tissue with the comfort of a relaxation massage. This massage can be done with either Swedish or Deep Tissue Techniques.

DAY TRIPPER'S DELIGHT | 60 min. $145 | 75 min. $170 | 90 min. $195
After a day of backcountry safari come and see us for a full body, customized massage with a primary focus on the hips, legs and feet. This massage incorporates stretches, trigger point therapy and a broad attachment theragun treatment to promote blood flow and release any lactic acid build up in the body. We will finish the treatment with a light reflexology treatment and massage for those tired paws. The theragun can be removed and replaced with any of our other add ons.

This specific treatment for headaches and sinus discomfort includes essential oil therapy, unique massage techniques, pressure points and a layout of cold, stone marbles on the face to offer immediate relief for irritated sinuses and head pain. This comforting massage is finished off with a head and lymphatic massage and warm towels on the feet to help reduce inflammation and reduce toxins in the body.

HIKERS HEAVEN | 45 min. $100
The Perfect way to end a day of exploration. Gentle sugar scrub on the feet exfoliate and rejuvenate tired soles. Light reflexology followed by a warm cocoa butter and essential oil massage get the feet ready to be wrapped in preheated booties, slightly elevated to reverse the blood flow…while you get a 10 minute cat nap.

PAWS, CLAWS & SCALP MASSAGE | 45 min. $100
An energizing trio of medium to firm pressure massage, trigger points and light reflexology on the hands, feet and scalp. Finishing up with a soothing, warm cocoa butter and essential oil foot massage, preheated foot booties and a relaxing, essential oil scalp massage while the hydration of the foot treatment does its job and restores those hard working feet.

PARADISE IN DENALI | 90 min. $235 | 120 min. $285
Want it all? Have it all with our most luxurious and pampering treatment. Pure aroma therapy combined with hot towel compress, hot stones and a full body massage, followed by a decadent foot scrub and rich cocoa butter foot hydration. Topped off with a blissful scalp and face massage.


Hot stones applied to back and neck or legs and feet. These four hot stones offer a warm compliment to any massage.

Silicone for moving cup therapy or stationary cups for spot specific relief. Cupping is an alternative therapy that uses suction to increase blood flow, help release facia restrictions and reduces muscle tension.
*Cupping can leave marks on the skin that can last for a week to two weeks.

Is the leading massage therapy gun right now. Scientifically calibrated to target key trigger points, decrease tension and soreness. Theragun is great post-hike to release kinetic energy into the legs and promote deep relaxation for a great night's sleep.

Warm sugar foot scrub with a soothing massage of cocoa butter.

A choice of essential oil with special techniques and pressure points to relieve tension from the scalp.

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