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Flavors that Rival the Views

At Denali Backcountry Lodge, we know some of the most memorable moments of any journey happen over slow-paced breakfasts, laughter-filled dinners and board game sessions accompanied by pours of pinot noir. That’s why we make sure every meal, beverage and treat we serve — from the first sip of morning coffee to the last bite of a late-night fireside s'more — is as sensational as the rest of your adventure.

Your Day of Denali Dining

We believe “homemade" can happen anywhere, as long as it’s shared with the right people. Every bite, sip and snack is taken care of here — all freshly prepared to be enjoyed with your backcountry family.


Begin your day by sipping a fresh brewed cup of coffee or a bright and lively tea while taking in the stunning misty mountain views. Backcountry breakfasts are hearty, with fresh berries sharing plates with crispy bacon strips and fluffy slices of French toast.

Early riser? We get it — Denali's worth waking up early for. Our team will ensure you wake up to the alluring aroma of fresh-brewed coffee and a breakfast perfectly tailored to your preferences, no matter when you start your day.


From prepared trail lunches best enjoyed at the most scenic spot of a hike to our lunch buffet served daily in the lodge, how you enjoy your lunch is totally up to you. What’s non-negotiable is delicious and nutritious selections, with an array of vibrant fruits, soul-warming soups and made-with-love sandwiches available to satisfy any midday appetite.


Settle in and swap stories with your fellow travelers over appetizers as our culinary team create dishes deeply rooted in Denali. Fresh ingredients make for unforgettable meals, with rotating and evolving menus designed to bring joy to the table. Save room for dessert — after a day of exploration in the rugged and wonderful northern wilderness, you deserve a little sweetness.

Throughout your Day

Whether you’re cozying up with a fresh pastry and a terrific book on a sleepy morning, popping in for a soft-baked cookie between outdoor excursions or gathering with new and old friends around the campfire to roast the perfect golden marshmallow, you’ll find treats popping up throughout the day in and around the lodge.


From a perfectly balanced Manhattan to a crisp glass of chardonnay enjoyed under the midnight sun; our backcountry bartenders will make sure your drink of choice is in hand when the time comes to raise a glass to your day. For non-drinkers, our team specializes in custom-crafted mocktails to toast with, too.

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