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Fox Island is a place where nature reigns. It's a stunningly beautiful place where you can be alone. Chef Landon Schoenefeld and artist Rockwell Kent were both drawn to the island for that reason, at least partially and perhaps unintentionally.

As artist Rockwell Kent says, there's great adventure in simply delving inward.

So how can we all have our own quiet adventures? Whether we're able to travel to the coastal fjords of Alaska or we're just dreaming of a short walk in the woods, contemplation and serenity is never far away. Here are some tips on creating time and space in your life for that most introspective kind of adventuring—whether you're somewhere spectacular or staying home.


It doesn't matter if it's sketching like Rockwell Kent, cooking like Chef Landon Schoenefeld, playing the flute, writing in a journal or taking photographs — exploring your artistic side is an avenue for connecting with yourself and the place you're in. And nobody says you have to share it with anybody. Have fun!

A view over a man's shoulder at an illustration of Resurrection Bay.

Photo: Rockwell Kent’s Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska makes for the perfect read on Fox Island.


Studying nature up-close is exploring your own curiosity. Go searching for unique plants, keep a birdwatching checklist and read up on the life cycle of Orca whales. These are quiet activities that enrich your life and help you stay present as you connect with the planet.

Two kayakers paddle around plant-covered, rocky cliffs.

Photo: Going for a kayak in Resurrection Bay is rich in adventure.

Get moving

By exploring where you are in new ways, you'll probably discover new things about yourself. Hiking and kayaking are great ways to move your body while you explore. Strolling on a beach and skipping stones count as well.

But not too fast!

Taking things into a slower gear is a great way to turn your next adventure into a restorative one. Find a quiet spot to sit, look around above and below, pay attention and just enjoy. Instead of aiming for the summit, how about getting to a lookout point and stopping right there to soak it in.

A man stands in a green forest, holding up a fiddlehead plant.

Photo: Chef Landon Schoenefeld forages for edible goodness in the forests of Fox Island

Listen close

Chef Landon is a big music lover, but he says he doesn't turn up the tunes very often on Fox Island. It's a place to be quiet. To listen to the birds, the sounds of the waves rolling in and out, an eagle calling high above. Tuning into the sounds of nature is key for a quiet adventure.


By disconnecting with your device, even if it's just for an hour or two, you'll be able to connect on a deeper level with wherever you are. On Fox Island, reception is limited and that's a good thing! Pick up a local guidebook, get lost in a good novel, sit in a chair with a cup of tea and watch for whales—there's so much going on!

A woman sits in an Adirondack chair on a dock, looking out to ocean and tree-covered cliffsides.

Photo: Is there a better place to give yourself some quiet adventure than where the mountains meet the sea?

As historian Doug Capra says in the short film "Quiet Adventure", this kind of journey isn't about a destination or coming to any kind of conclusion. Really, it's simply about the search.

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