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If you’re looking to explore Alaska and Denali National Park, there’s no better place to set up your base camp than the Denali Cabins. Immerse yourself in the six million acres of breathtaking wilderness and explore to your heart’s content.

The Denali Cabins are the quintessential accommodations in the woods, with all the luxurious comforts you need — plus easy access to Denali National Park. Think authentic and charming. It’s the best way to experience all that Alaska has to offer.

To inspire your sense of wanderlust, here are seven reasons why these cabins are your dream vacation stay.

1. It's the perfect location

Just eight miles from the park entrance, and the area's "hotel zone," you'll discover a peaceful enclave of 46 cabins with comforts like full-sized beds, a private bathroom and wireless internet.

You're away from the hustle and bustle, yet just minutes from restaurants and shops. Here, you're surrounded by nature in its completely unspoiled and impossibly pristine state. It’s a peaceful retreat with hints of Alaska’s backcountry all around you.

interior of a cabin with a bed, wall sconces and wall art

2. The cabins are ridiculously charming

We’re talking quaint, cozy cedar cabins, winding pathways and outdoor fire pits nestled in a wooded boreal forest. Guests come to Denali National Park to play outside. At the Denali Cabins, fresh air, endless trails and adventure deliver endless opportunities to do just that.

It’s definitely an invigorating experience that requires a solid night’s sleep. Not to worry. The cabin beds are dreamy. There are also blackout blinds on the windows. Better set your alarm!

A group of friends sit at a table enjoying beer and nachos

3. They boast the best chicken wings in Denali

Or so we’ve been told. Try them yourself and report back. Denali Cabin’s Prey Pub & Eatery excels at unpretentious and delicious food. Expect an Alaska twist on pub favorites.

Local ingredients are always sourced first, from shareable plates and handheld comforts to steak house classics and plant-based fare. It’s the perfect place to fuel up and wind down, Denali-style.

A bus drives down a gravel road, surrounded by forest.

4. You’ll be first in line for Denali Backcountry Adventure

Prepare to embark on the ultimate exploration. A new Denali Backcountry Adventure experience awaits with beautiful vistas and legendary landmarks. Jaw-dropping scenery, wildlife opportunities and expert guides are a few highlights of the 10- to 11-hour tour.

Plus, staying at the Denali Cabins affords you the best seat on the shuttle service. Departing from the cabins, you’ll have the spot of your choosing.

a sky at dusk with trees and the moon shining

5. You can enjoy peaceful starry nights

It’s always peaceful in Denali National Park at night — no matter the month. Stargazing, however, requires some planning. Alaska, due to its far north location, is blessed with summer’s midnight sun. But towards the end of the season, when daylight begins to wane, the stars reappear.

It’s well worth the wait. Denali’s minimal light pollution reveals a dazzling display. Out here at the Denali Cabins, away from the more congested areas, guests can pour a glass of wine, snuggle around the fire and truly enjoy the impossible beauty of Alaska’s night sky.

A group of people sit around a fire pit

6. They have really, really great people (and local knowledge!)

The Denali Cabins’ team works here because they love the park and sharing all its glory with guests. Swapping stories and park tips are two of the team's favorite pastimes. Whether you’re looking for the best hike, an Instagram-worthy locale or a wildlife viewing spot, the cabin staff is always eager to impart their wisdom.

a blue hot tub nestled in between cabins with a stone path

7. It’s the perfect place to relax

Grab a coffee at the Mount Hunter Coffee Co. before your adventure or sip a cup of decaf to relax at the end of the day. Then, slip into the hot tubs at the cabins to de-stress and watch the skies shift into evening.

Learn more about Denali Backcountry Adventure and book your Denali Cabins experience. See you in Denali!

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