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Spring has sprung, but there’s still so much more to come

Since Kenai Fjords Tours kicked off their 2017 season three weeks ago, there’s been plenty of action in Resurrection Bay! The great Alaska migration is underway and the team is ready.

Every day has been an adventure so far. Tours have spotted humpback whales, Orca whales, eagles, sea lions and Dall’s porpoises cavorting along the coast of Kenai Fjords National Park. Some animals will stay for the summer, while others are just passing through.

Kenai Fjords Tours' Geri Nipp says the highlights have also included spotting 12 mountain goats on one tour and, of course, the Gray whales. Tours first started sighting Gray whales last weekend (April 8), when seven whales and multiple flukes were recorded in the log book by Captain Mark Sutherland. Geri explains this doesn’t mean they haven’t been in the area for a while now, only that they hadn’t been seen. 

Gray Whale Breach Seward Kenai Fjord

Captain Steve Martin recorded seeing an “awesome sea lion battle on the rocks” and Captain Eric Simpson was really impressed by a glimpse of an active humpback and calf surfacing.

This week marks the start of the next stage of seasonal operations, when things start to really ramp up. Daily tours start departing on Friday. The remaining members of KFT team are arriving. All boats are now in the water and captains back in Seward. 

But this doesn’t mean summer’s here yet. It’s still spring in Alaska. Geri is looking forward to bears coming out, and like her colleague Ron Wille, she’s keeping an eye on the sky to see the birds arriving in full force. 

“It’s still waking up out there,” she says.

Check out our regular Captain’s Logs to keep track of what’s been seen. Check out the live Kenai Fjords Tours webcam to see what it’s looking like today.

Enter to win a Gray Whales Migration Tour 2017 t-shirt on our Facebook page today. Guests have also been posting their own photos and videos there – check it out! 

Image: Kenai Fjords Tours staff in their 2017 Gray Whale Migration Tour 2017 t-shirts.

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