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Getting medical care on holiday could cost you thousands. Travel insurance that covers getting you home and medical expenses is essential. Other insurance—like credit card accident cover and private health insurance—do not cover most travel emergencies.

Alaska is wild and it's far. And if you're planning a trip here, you're likely extremely excited. There's a lot at stake. If you get sick or injured before or during your trip, or things just happen and you are forced to change your plans, remember how much this trip means to you.

Here are 6 reasons you should definitely purchase Travel Insurance before you come to Alaska.

  1. You need to cancel your trip. You get sick. Someone in your family gets injured. You have a work commitment that you can't get out of. Your house floods or a wildfire is threatening your home town.... you need to cancel your trip. With Trip Cancellation Coverage, you can recover your out-of-pocket costs for some of these reasons, and others as well.
  2. You miss your connection. You were there on time, but your flight to Anchorage wasn't. So you missed your connecting flight to Alaska, and that means you'll miss the first leg of your trip. If you've purchased Missed Connection Coverage, you can reorganize your trip and get where you can as promptly as possible.
  3. Your flight is cancelled. Storms happen. Mechanical problems happen. Flights just get cancelled. Trip Interruption Coverage means all you need to do is make one phone call, and an agent will help you find the next best available flight. Plus, you'll get the money to stay at a comfortable hotel while you sort it all out.
  4. You get sick on your trip. Or maybe you twist your ankle. You need emergency medical care. If you've purchased Travel Medical Coverage, the costs will be under control. If you're outside of your country, an agent will help you find the best doctor, as well.
  5. Your bags didn't make it. They may be lost or they may be damaged. You may never see them again, or they could arrive in a few days. Either way, coverage for delayed bags will let you go shopping for essentials and then be reimbursed.
  6. You need emergency medical evacuation. Alaska is about wilderness. And some of the places you may be visiting, like a remote island off the coast of Seward or deep into the heart of Denali, are distant from medical care. If there's an emergency (you break your leg or have appendicitis, for example), you'll need to be evacuated. And that's not cheap. Medical evacuation coverage can cover tens of thousands of dollars in expenses.

Travel insurance simply makes sense. The Alaska Collection strongly recommends purchasing travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may interrupt your travel plans. For any further questions about planning or changing your trip, contact our Reservations Agents at 1.800.808.8068.

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