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From fresh salmon to clear skies, late summer is the best.

In many ways, the end of summer is the perfect time to visit Alaska and Denali National Park. By mid-August, the endless days start to give way to glorious evenings under the clear skies.

Here are 8 things we love about Denali in Late Summer

Seeing the aurora borealis

During the summer, Alaska receives a lot of sunlight. In fact, it doesn’t usually get dark until after 12 a.m.! This makes catching an elusive view of the northern lights extra challenging.  

In September, as the days get shorter, the opportunities to see the aurora borealis increase. One of the prime spots is on the deck at the Talkeetna Alaska Lodge.

Aurora Borealis over an Alaska mountain range

The colors

A beautiful array of almost-fall colors blanket the region during the late summer months. Beginning in mid-August, yellow birch and aspen trees dot the forests around the Denali Cabins and the Denali Backcountry Lodge.

Along highways and trails, the mountain slopes also take on a deep rust color. Every possible combination of yellows and oranges appear in the trees during the season, all with the beautiful Alaska Range as a backdrop.

Trees in the Fall

Delicious in-season salmon

From June through August, salmon are harvested in the millions all over Alaska. It’s the annual cycle of nature that brings the entire state together in its love for the fish. If you're in Alaska this September, you'll learn why the moment you taste the freshest salmon available.

Alaska Salmon

Wildlife spotting

The number of wildlife sightings heighten in September as Alaska’s resident animals transition towards hibernation. Keep a lookout for moose or caribou. Bears are also busy and active, eating as much as they can in preparation for winter.

Moose and calf

Enjoying peace and quiet

Alaskans know how special the calmness of September is! Visiting during this season means embracing the silence after peak season has passed. During late summer you’ll meet friendly locals who wait all year long to explore their own backyard and experience a vacation close to home.


Fresh blueberries

Take a day to go blueberry picking. In Kantishna in late summer, all around the Denali Backcountry Lodge, the blueberries are famously gigantic. Each tourist is allowed one pint per day, per person. The fields stretch on for miles!

Blueberry Hill

Awe-inspiring hikes

There's something extra magical about hitting a trail in Denali in September. The colors are amplified, the bush is more open and the bugs are gone. The Kantishna Hills or the streams along McKinley River are both stunning locations for a hike.

Hikers in Denali National Park

Mosquitoes are less abundant

Enjoy your vacation without bug spray — late summer in Alaska means hardly any mosquitos! Fending off pests can be a distraction for plenty of the activities already mentioned, so not having to deal with mosquitoes is a big bonus.

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