About the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge

Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge is the only accommodations on remote Fox Island. The lodge consists of eight guest cabins situated on a narrow peninsula of land just south of Kenai Fjords Tours’ Day Lodge. Four cabins are connected in one building, two facing the fresh-water lagoon and two facing Resurrection Bay with ocean views. The other four cabins are duplexes, with water views.
The main lodge’s cozy guest lounge and dining room - featuring expansive views of the spanning island and the ocean bay - is the perfect spot for socializing with the other guests or curling up with a book. Or explore the island and its two undeveloped Alaska State Marine Parks on your own or on a guided hike.
Fox Island is a world away from the ordinary. The waters surrounding it are a rich blue green color that reflect the weather and lap upon the shore. Marine wildlife is abundant near Fox Island. Guests cruising to or from the island commonly see Steller sea lions, otters, whales, Dall's porpoise, and an endless variety of seabirds that include eagles, puffins, cormorants, and murres.
Due to its remote location, Fox Island relies on renewable energy sources to power the facilities, making it the ideal place to unplug and reconnect with nature.  Sleep soundly knowing you’ve chosen an Alaskan eco-tourism destination, certified by Adventure Green Alaska.

We hope you will embrace the untouched beauty and appreciate the quiet comfort of our seaside wilderness location. This beautiful and remote island affords us with minimal distractions so you can literally unplug and reconnect with nature.
As part of our commitment to preserving this pristine wilderness getaway, Fox Island’s main source of energy is solar power*. Cabins are not equipped with electrical outlets, televisions, radios or telephones*. The Wilderness Lodge does have a charging station if you would like to charge your devices during your stay.
*For times of additional need, we do have propane generators as a back-up, and the staff have access to emergency communications should the need for contact with the mainland arise.

Stories from Fox Island

The Wilderness Lodge

The new 3,300-square-foot main lodge, completed in 2013, is exclusively for our overnight guests.
The immense two-story windows in the main lounge look out across gorgeous Halibut Cove. Guests should keep their eyes on the lookout for the occasional sea lion or humpback whales that can surprise us with their majestic beauty.

An Exclusive Gathering Place for our Overnight Guests

The Wilderness Lodge is a place for our overnight guests to gather, share meals or cozy up in the lounge with a good book and glass of wine. The lodge’s kitchen has been designed specifically to support intimate cooking time with the island’s chef as part of our exclusive culinary experience. Not only will you enjoy gourmet Alaskan cuisine during your stay on Fox Island, but you will be able to bring some of the “tips and tricks of the trade” home to your own kitchen to share with family and friends!
Wildlife and Glacier Cruise Options
Unlike many remote wilderness lodges in Alaska, which can only be accessed by plane or a long boat ride, the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge is easily reached via a 45-minute day cruise from Seward. The cruise travels the calm, protected waters of Resurrection Bay, and is provided by Kenai Fjords Tours, departing daily at 12:00 noon.
Guests returning on the Resurrection Bay Tour depart Fox Island at 2:00 pm on their final day, after a savoring a prime rib and salmon buffet lunch at the Kenai Fjords Tours' Day Lodge. Guests seeking to adventure deeper into Kenai Fjords National Park can opt for a National Park Tour, or the Northwestern Fjord Tour, both of which travel outside Resurrection Bay and cruise to the face of calving glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park. These cruises stop exclusively at the island after breakfast to pick up our guests.
Resurrection Bay Tour
Learn about the rich history of Resurrection Bay while viewing the jagged cliffs, seabirds, marine wildlife and alpine glaciers.
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National Park Tour
Alaska’s most popular wildlife and glacier cruise! Be the first into the National Park on our early bird cruise—and enjoy the awakening wilderness!
+$100 per guest
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Northwestern Fjord Tour
Travel deep into Kenai Fjords National Park with the original, daily tour visiting magnificent Northwestern Fjord.
+$125 per guest
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Kayak Upgrades

During your overnight stay, you can add a short 2 to 3 hour kayak journey, or even a longer full day 6.5 hour guided kayak around Fox Island, for an addtional cost. Look for puffins, sea lions and seals as you explore the rocky coves of Fox Island. You can even spot whales close to the shore! View our Fox Island Kayaking options for specific information, and since you are already on the island overnight, you can upgrade at a discounted cost. You can add this on when you arrive, but we recommened that you book in advance to confirm availability. 

All of our kayak upgrade options are operated by Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking, a family owned and operated tour company that has been kayaking in the area since 1996. Don't miss your opportunity to explore Fox Island from a rare point of view with a guided kayak option! Call our tour consultants at 877-259-6381 for specific rates and information today! 
Full Day Kayak Option: Perfect for a two night stay on Fox Island, this 6.5 guided kayak journey takes you around Fox Island and includes a beachside picnic. Departs around 9:30 am and returns to the island at 4:00 pm. Add-on option from $177 and up per guest + applicable tax and fee

Afternoon Kayak Option: Departs the island at 2:00 pm for a 3-hour jouirney along the rocky shores of Fox Island and returns just in time for dinner. This is a perfect add-on for the overnight guest that wants to occupy the time right after they check-in and work up an appetite before a relaxing evening on the island. Add-on option $139 and up per guest + applicable tax and fee. 

Evening Kayak Option: For our overnight guests only! Departs the island at 8:00 pm for a 2-hour jouirney along the rocky shores of Fox Island and return for an optional campfire by the beach, or a relaxing glass of wine by our wood burning stove in the guest lodge. Add-on option $100 and up per guest + applicable tax and fee.