Alaskan Wildlife & National Parks

Here, in a land of broad unspoiled wilderness areas, wildlife and natural beauty is abound. With 8 National Parks, Alaska's dynamic regions and protected lands are havens for an abundance of distinct local Alaskan wildlife.
From the deep wilderness of Denali National Park, caribou are a common sight among other creatures wandering the land, while further afield, bears, moose, wolves and more are spotted by considerate and careful wanderers. Retreat to the protected lands of Prince William Sound’s calm waters and pristine glaciers, and Katmai National Park to witness the iconic grizzlies fishing for salmon, or explore the premiere marine life in the aquatics of Kenai Fjords National Park and the Inside Passage.
The Alaska Collection offers vacation packages and tours that highlight the best spots for wildlife viewing and witnessing these remarkable creatures that share this lovely planet with us.