Things To Do in Alaska

A trip to Alaska isn’t complete without the many unique tours and experiences to allow yourself to experience the grandeur that exists here. From backcountry hiking, birds’ eye views of untouched wilderness, kayaking adventures, or searching for Auroras north of the Arctic Circle—we’ve got something for everyone.

Surrounded by the pristine natural wilderness of the protected national park, there is no shortage of adventure to find in Denali National Park.  Explore the unbound thickets of nature, delight in otherwise rare wildlife spottings,  with a full-day guided excursion through one of the most untouched backcountry in North America. 

The Denali Backcountry Adventure is the Alaska Collection's featured day trip to help you experience the most memorable Alaskan holiday, whether you are just visiting for a few days or embarking on a week-long trek. This journey through the famed backcountry will even allow you ample opportunity to witness resident wildlife roam and live as nature intended - undisturbed by human advancements and peacefully at one with the vast outdoors in which they live.  

If you're looking to relax, do so in blissful peace with a calming massage from a professionally trained tharapist at the newly opened The Nest Spa & Wellness center. This is the perfect place to unwind, nurture and celebrate the human spirit.