Anchorage to Denali Bus & Rail

Throughout most of Alaska, conventional transportation is scarce and the bush plane is often referred to as the SUV of Alaska. Fortunately central Alaska travel, from Seward, through Anchorage to Fairbanks, offers more conventional transportation systems like the Alaska Railroad, popular car rentals and our Anchorage Denali Express transportation service.

The Denali Park Road is open to private vehicles for 14.8 miles to the Savage River Bridge. Public travel to destinations farther into the park requires shuttle and tour bus services. Bicycles and pedestrians are permitted to travel on any part of the park road, barring temporary, wildlife-related closures.

Travel between Anchorage and Denali and/or Fairbanks on the McKinley Explorer, a two-level, glass-domed luxury railcar. Each car contains an upper level with the main seating area and a small bar. Upper-level seating is often above brush and trees allowing for better views of the magnificent landscape, and the glass dome provides 360-degree views.

However you would like to travel, whether by car, bus, cruise ship, train or plane, our Alaska experts can help you build the right combination of conventional Alaska travel options.
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