Prudhoe Bay Tours

Situated in the North Slope Borough of Arctic Alaska, Prudhoe Bay and the nearby company town of Deadhorse are amazing achievements of the thriving oil development and is home to the largest oil field in the United States.

Travellers who are keen to explore the vast tundra, oilfields and touch the Arctic Ocean must arrange tours ahead of time from Fairbanks that navigate to the end of the Dalton Highway, Alaska's most remote gravel road. The 500 mile stretch rambles through some of North America's most dramatic scenery and traverses the monumental alps of the Brooks Range while crossing the continent's third longest river, the Yukon River and the Arctic Circle.

For a complete Alaska experience, consider adding Denali National Park to your vacation itinerary.  Home to North America’s tallest peak, Alaska’s iconic wildlife, and over 6 million acres of wilderness, it is truly a destination not to miss.

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