Connecting you to iconic, unforgettable, inspiring Alaska

Serving thousands of Alaska travelers since 1992, our team of Travel Experts live, work, and play in Alaska all year long.  With partners across the state, we can help you curate the Alaska vacation of your dreams, with handpicked experiences to your individual interests and needs.   More than your typical travel agency, we specialize in amazing natural experiences, exquisite local cuisine, and northern hospitality — in comfort and ease. From Denali National Park, where we own and operate the Denali Backcountry LodgeDenali Backcountry AdventureDenali Cabins and Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge to Kenai Fjords National Park. There, we own and operate Kenai Fjords Tours, Seward Windsong Lodge, and Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge

Learn more about the Alaska Collection and how we continue to enhance our services and provide complementary products in order to deliver and exceed our customers' expectations.  

Our Core Values

At the Alaska Collection, we strive to provide excellent service in all that we do. As a division of Viad Travel & Recreation, our core values represent who we are.

Doing the right thing, being honest and honoring our commitments govern us. 

Our respect, care and understanding of our environment guide us. 

Continuous, creative thinking motivates us. 

Trust and Mutual Respect
Respect, employee empowerment and common desire direct us. 

Quality service to our guests, employees and stakeholders personify us.

Win as a Team
Success as a unified team sustain us.

Always Honest

Honor and Integrity
Honesty is the cornerstone of our company. The personal promise of each of our employees to be Always Honest in everything we do at the Alaska Collection is vital to our continued success.

The commitment of all of our employees to a culture of honesty contributes significantly to our reputation for integrity and fair dealings with our employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers. The Alaska Collection aggressively promotes this culture of honesty and diligently acts to protect this valuable asset.

In everything we do, and with everyone we deal with; customers, co-workers, suppliers and partners – we are Always Honest! The Always Honest program is applicable to every single Alaska Collection employee, and every employee in the rest of the Viad family of companies.

All of our employees agree to act in the highest ethical manner, to never violate a law and to recognize that it’s our duty to report any suspected unethical or illegal conduct within our company. Our management and employees are proud to uphold these strong moral values.